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  1. For parents, wedding anniversary is an important day. It is also very important for children and even the entire family. Therefore, in this special day, sending a meaningful gift can evoke the good memories of the parents to the past.

    In selection of gifts, pay attention to its memorial value. Parents have been married for many years, and their lifestyle is also a factor that you need to consider when choosing gifts.

    A commemorative ring, earrings, bracelets
    Colonal gifts when wedding commemorative

    The pillow, cotton quilt
    In the craftsman to specially design, embroidered with their names on it
    n silver disk
    And its name, with permanent commemorative significance

    Profes of professional painters for parents
    R n, please write down the calligrapher and inlay the box to commemorate

    B Memory class
    This to wash your parents' wedding photos
    to carefully mount, so that parents return to the sweetness of the past In memories

    The wedding ceremony for re -held
    feee to relatives and friends, let parents revisit the happiness of happiness


    honeymoon travel
    The wishes that they fail to achieve when they get married

    making a family activity movie
    Guns or festivals, stay in the future to watch

    Cousting the parents' hometown to re -travel
    let them have a short -term residence in the place where they live and work

    Make a family photo set
    The photo frame of each member of the family can be baby photos, graduation photos, or wedding photos, etc.

    N CD films are best recorded with their fixed love song

    c hobby
    . One of their favorite magazines
    The journals such as health or leisure

    M movie discs
    Wessing their favorite classic movie

    dry flowers or spices
    recording telephone
    Is to record a message tape for them before sending it

    Outbound tourism
    This is a gift that makes them unforgettable for life

    D Marriage Anniversary Special Memorial
    It can be seen from the gifts listed below, how age is improved!

    Is to give parents a gift of wedding anniversary, you should pay attention to whether the meaning of the selected gift is appropriate. Of course, you don't need to consider the symbols of these anniversary too much.

    In fact, in addition to gold and silver marriage, many people do not give gifts according to this list, and you do not have to send gold and silver items. Books inlaid with gold foil, mirror boxes wrapped in gold foil, woven a few silver wire blankets, or any gift with gold or silver -colored edge is suitable.
    File anniversary
    traditional gifts
    new gifts
    1 anniversary

    2 anniversary
    cotton wedding
    cotton products
    n3 Anniversary
    n Crystal products, porcelain

    4 Anniversary
    fruit marriage
    fruit or flower
    various daily necessities
    n5 Anniversary
    R n Wood

    6 Anniversary
    Iron marriage
    Copper Wedding
    Wool Products or Copper
    Berbal Tableware

    8 Anniversary
    Pottery Wedding
    R n
    9 anniversary
    willow wedding
    pottery or willow products
    leather products
    n10 anniversary
    diamond jewelry

    14 Anniversary
    ivory wedding
    ivory products
    gold jewelry
    15 Anniversary
    Crystal wedding wedding wedding marriage
    Crystal products

    20 Anniversary
    Porcelain wedding n porcelain
    Platinum jewelry
    n25 anniversary
    Silver Wedding

    30 Anniversary
    Pearl wedding
    Pearls of pearls
    R n coral wedding

    40 anniversary
    Cobes wedding n ruby ​​jewelry n ruby ​​jewelry
    45 Anniversary
    sapphire wedding
    sapphire jewelry
    sapphire jewelry

    50 anniversary
    R n55 Anniversary
    Emerald wedding
    Emerald jewelry
    Emerald jewelry

    60 anniversary
    diamond wedding n diamond jewelry
    diamonds jewelry

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, first bless you, the 20th anniversary of the parents' marriage commemorative, you can send commemorative rings, earrings and bracelets for marriage commemorative. In addition, the following points can be referred to: 1. If your parents have not taken a wedding photo, you can consider letting the two of them take a wedding photo together. 2. If you can, you can help them report the tour group and let them travel. 3. You can also buy movie tickets for them to watch movies and help them prepare everything. The important thing is surprise and happiness.

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