What good suggestions are there in Wuxi Gift Spring Festival Gifts?

In the Wuxi gift market, what is better to choose gifts for the Spring Festival? Is it better to be a Chinese New Year gift package, or is it better for traditional crafts such as purple sand and mud people? Experts give a suggestion! Thank you!

3 thoughts on “What good suggestions are there in Wuxi Gift Spring Festival Gifts?”

  1. Wuxi Gifts Spring Festival Gifts are recommended to choose Wuxi special gifts, such as Yixing Zisha pot, Wuxi embroidery, bamboo engraving crafts and the like. The Spring Festival gift package you said is also a choice. After all, the New Year is celebration. Everyone will send some gifts to each other. Local gourmet gift packages are also very good.
    of course, the crafts such as purple sand and mud people have good or bad, don't buy inferior things at good prices. Generally hand -made purple sand device is close to 10,000 yuan. According to the market survey of the Hongshang gift agency, there are not many gifts for this gift. Most of the time, people will choose some moderate prices, but the same exquisite foundry Zisha works are used as gifts for gifts. Who does not know if Yixing Zisha pot is given a craft with traditional cultural atmosphere, at least it is elegant and tasteful.
    If the other party likes to drink tea, you can consider buying some places of famous tea. For example, Yixing "Yang Xian Tea", who was used as a tribute, as well as the "Tongue Tea" who won the Gold Award of the Panama Semings, as well as Wuxi Innovative Tea Wuxi Chari Tea, and others such as one of the famous tea in the country. Erquan Yinhao. There are many specialty styles in Wuxi, and there are many famous ones.

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