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  1. What to open for the opening
    In the opening of business, in order to be a money, if friends and relatives have the joy of opening, you must tend to recruit money when choosing Feng Shui gifts. In Feng Shui, there are many accessories for wealth. There are no anus in the mouth. Jin Chan sent money to bless, and was able to recruit wealth in the cashier. Feng Shui Wheel, use water to adjust the gas field to drive the magnetic field and good ornamental. These three are the feng shui tools for getting started. Teacher Xie reminds everyone that it must be opened to have a good fortune effect.
    貔貅: 貔貅 can swallow all things and never leaked, so there is the meaning of the wealth of food.貔貅 has the power of dispel evil spirits, blocks, and town houses. You can recruit eight -party wealth, but you can't get in.
    Golden toad: The toad with three legs is called "toad". It is said that it can vomit money, which is a profitable thing. Put on the cash register position to help you keep the library, you can't get in, Feng Shui gifts can choose Jin toad to protect you with a profit and financial source.
    Feng Shui Wheel: Feng Shui Wheel can lead to three qi (wealth, luck, blessing), and have the effect of gathering wealth and transportation. As the saying goes, "When you meet, you can get a fortune, and live water can gather money." The rotation drives water and reconciles the gas field to achieve the effect of balanced feng shui. It belongs to the upper feng shui gift.
    Is to send feng shui gifts is best to pay attention to
    The gift giving is very knowledgeable. If you ca n’t send yourself and others, you will “suffer”. For example, the above -mentioned delivery of the cup: The cup is not good; there are also people who send the quilt, and the quilt also means to go back to the back. How can the fortune be good? There are also people who send knives, which is greater than Ji Ji; it doesn't matter if you send calligraphy and painting. In fact, if you send the calligraphy and painting you send, you will be hung by others in an inappropriate place, such as behind the sofa, then you may also encounter fortunes in fortune.
    The friends who give it to the opposite sex are even more particular. Can not send rings, watches, necklaces, belts. These have the meaning of circle and tie, unless you are between your lover, unless you have a close relationship with him, because these things have the meaning of "tie" the other party. In addition, the couple or lover cannot send pears, because "pear" and "Li" homophonic are not auspicious. In the same way, you cannot send medicines for healthy people, and you cannot send personal supplies for friends of the opposite sex. From the perspective of color, it is also necessary to be cautious. For example, although white has pure and flawless, the Chinese are more taboo because in China, white is often the color of great tragedy and poverty. Similarly, black is also considered unlucky, the color of disaster, and the color of sorrow. The red is the symbol of festiveness, peace, and celebration, and is generally loved by people.
    do you know what Feng Shui gifts are most taboo?
    1, clock
    "clock" and "end" are homophonic, and the watch and the same sound; especially "sending the clock" will make the old people think of "ending".
    2, pear
    Fromes are one of the most common gifts for relatives and friends. However, some fruits are not suitable, especially pears, because "pear" and "Li" are homophonic, it is not suitable for couples and lover.
    3, shoes
    "shoes" and "evil" are the same sound, and the shoes are stepped on the feet, so except for your own family, do not send shoes to others.

  2. What is the opening of the opening, what gift to give in the beauty shop, what the hotel is opened

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  3. There are many gifts that are generally given away. The gifts given to the opening unit have a smooth sailing ornament. There are generally customized commemorative medals or open advertising gift poker advertising umbrellas.

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