5 thoughts on “Send a birthday gift for girls.”

  1. Send her a birthday greeting newspaper. The newspaper content is written on the birthday wishes and love blessings. It has new ideas and new ideas, and will not make her boyfriend jealous. In addition, this newspaper can be decorated, which has a good memorial significance ~ ~
    This is more recommended for you to go shopping. It can allow you to achieve a variety of gifts such as color change cups, T -shirts, crystal, newspapers, necklaces, rings, agate, makeup mirrors and other gifts. System or favorite patterns and texts, design a unique personality gift for yourself or friends, and keep the moving moments, warm moments, and inspiration moment in life permanently!
    Is to help you solve your problems ~~~

  2. You said she was going to change hairstyles right away, and it was a very memorable adult gift. I think you can give her a set of puzzles. The customized puzzle was used with her photos. There is Taobao. I had a friend on my birthday and I gave her a very big set. The photo used the photos that she stood in the flowers and smiled intoxicated. It was a photo when we went out to travel together, which was very memorable. It cost more than a little more money. The packaging comes with the puzzle is beautiful and tasteful. She can go to her herself after fighting, and girls are a little narcissistic. Do what you do with your own beautiful photos will definitely like it. However, the photos must be carefully selected, just don't be too tacky. My friend liked it very much after receiving it. Boyfriend should not be jealous. Lovely

  3. A four -leaf clover specimen.
    Mew people sent this thing, mainly not easy to find. But I don't know if it is the most precious.

    It is said to appear in every 100,000 slices of clover. It is a small miracle produced by nature, so it is internationally recognized as lucky.

    The four leaves represent the four things that have dreamed of life: health, wealth, honor and love.

    The meaning is very special and rarely available. It is a gift with very collective value.

    The flower language is: "Happiness"

    The heard that it can bring luck. Even if this is just a legend, it also represents your wish to her, and I believe she will understand your heart.

    Taobao [Bai Caotang] sells.

    The ones have been made, tens of yuan, you can put your wallet and collect it for a lifetime.

    I believe that she will think of the friendship between you and her every day,

    haha ​​~~ (You can also send it with the wallet)

  4. If you give a girl a gift, I think I think it is high heels, mature dresses, and even ... underwear. But you are just a good friend, and you have to consider her boyfriend. I think you can try cosmetics. Girls grow up, naturally you have to dress yourself, buy a makeup or skin care series. I think it is good.

  5. Buying a small wooden box, more than ten dollars, general gift shops, buying that kind of teaching retro is relatively delicate, it is best to lock it. Then go to the stationery store to get a small notes that are too naive and too fancy (you think she will like it) (the best page is the kind of live page, you can tear down the kind ), Up to 5 fast money. Finally, buy a paper -sized gift bag (preferably decorated with bow outside), put things in and give her! Then tell her that it is the unique adult gift that you are assembled by yourself. Adults, there will be some secrets or unhappy or wanting to treasure for a lifetime. When she has that need The value of the gift she sent when she is adult. If these words cannot be said, you can also send a text message or QQ message, mailbox or the like. As long as you have intentions, girls can be perceived (although there may be a time difference in the middle)

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