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  1. Peanut
    The peanuts are commonly known as longevity fruit, and people use peanuts to symbolize long -lived long -lived. Most of the morals of various gold pendants are good wishes, but peanuts have the unique beauty of festive Geely, and they are also necessary for traditional weddings. It means that they are more and more blessed by children! Hope, it also indicates that the fruit is full of fruit and harvest in career.
    The gourd
    The "Fulu" in the gourd is very similar, so people often use gourds to represent Fulu meaning. The gourd branches and leaves are lush, fruit and seeds, which means that the family opens branches and leaves, and Fulu auspicious "; gourd as a Chinese herbal medicine can cure diseases, and in life can flourish. The color of the gourd painted a fairy, so the gourd also implies healthy and longevity, which can exorcise the magic artifact.
    Transit beads
    In the middle of the beads is hollow, put on the red silk thread, you can wear it on the wrist, or wear a gold chain as a necklace. Because the beads are hollowed out, they can be rotated on the chain, so everyone gives the meaning of transfer to transfer to the meaning of transportation. . The bad operation becomes a good luck, and it is better to run for good operation. The transshipment bead has such a good meaning. Whether it is for family or friends, he can make him good luck in the next life. .
    Golden Buddha
    The folk often says "male wearing Guanyin and female wearing Buddha", which is derived from traditional Chinese culture and the Book of Changes. Therefore, women should wear men's Buddhas, which can achieve yin and yang balance. Ladies can also learn the tolerance and optimism from the Buddha, and hope that the Buddha can bless them, bless them, health, rich and happy. Now many men are now men. I also wear a golden Buddha pendant. I hope to have wisdom and wisdom like the Buddha and learn to be humble and tolerant. Deep, in ancient times, it was a kind of amulet of the people. It thought it had the effects of dispel evil, exorcism, disaster removing, and praying for blessings. Later, it was extended to lock life and ensure the healthy growth of children. Ruyi, printed the handwriting or patterns such as "Long Life Hundreds" above. The adults give it to the newborn child, I hope he can grow up quickly and be happy and peaceful in life.
    R n Open the knot, smooth and linger, there will be no depression in the future.
    The charming arc created with the meaning of gold, making love more precious With happiness and happiness, soft eyes, Meier is not demon, and the fine craftsmanship of the fox tail makes the fox as if telling people that they are willing to show their fox tail for love.
    Apple r
    The pronunciation of "Ping" in Apple is consistent with the pronunciation of "Ping" in the "peace" of Chinese.
    means a century -old good combination.
    is long and thin is longevity. The meaning of wealth.
    Bamboo Jie
    Paping is safe and rising, hanging on the chest is a bamboo. n means "hundred wealth" to make a lot of money.
    means rich and rich. N because of the effect of storage, so it can store evil spirits, worsen evil spirits, and can also promote the relationship between husband and wife.
    The corn
    The image is "multi -child and more blessed" and "descendants" because it contains multiple grains. Corn also has a meaning "alarm" in the south.
    The leaves
    The representative of life, which means the tree of life. It is also harmonious with the "career".
    The is often symbolized by eight -footed rampant.

    Llem jumping the dragon door, which means flat clouds flying yellow Tengda.
    Great elephants

    The everything is spiritual (Ruyi prototype is Ganoderma).
    貔貅 ↑ 貔貅 ↑ n 貔貅 Legend is the ninth son of the Dragon King. Because of the characteristics of his light food, you can make money.汉书“西域传”上有一段记载:乌戈山离国有桃拔、狮子、尿牛”孟康注日:桃拔,一日符拔,似鹿尾长,独角者称为天鹿,两The horn is called the evil spirits. The evil spirits are 貔貅.
    Golden toad
    Because it has the ability to spit money, it becomes a beast of wealth.扣rn寓意平平安安。rn26rn麒麟rn一兽,头上一角,狮面、牛身,尾带鳞片,脚下生火,其状如鹿、麒麟,古代The legendary animals are called "benevolent beasts" in the ancient times, and they are auspicious symbols. "Linfeng Turtle Dragon, which is called the Four Spirits." The Kirin pattern in carpets and cultural relics is mostly "Kirin Sending Zi Zi" and "Qi Tu Tu" "Jade Book" and so on. Because Kirin is a Swiss beast, and the outstanding people are metaphorized, Kirin Sending Zi and Qi Tuyu Book have the meaning of the birth of outstanding figures.
    The meaning of various gold pendants The awe of life. These common gold pendants represent the meaning of people's sincere sincerity of the wearer, which represents the most affectionate prayer in people.

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