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  1. Business gifts are different from giving friends with friends. Business gifts affect business cooperative relationships, so they need to be more cautious. In terms of business gift selection, pay attention to three points: not too casual, let the other party feel your sincerity; do not need to pursue prices, but have taste and grade; business gifts are not individuals, but companies; Good festivals or customer birthdays.
    On this basis, there are several types of recommendations for business gifts:
    artworks, crafts -this type of gift has both good meanings, artistic value, and high grade. Taste is the favorite gift of business people.
    A utility gifts -this type of gifts that have practical effects on business people can also be selected, such as high -end pen -gaiting gift boxes, high -end laptop sets, Bluetooth audio, etc., and other customized utility items can also see you Sincerity.
    Flower gift category -If you do n’t know much about your customers, sending flowers gifts is very good, and there is a clear blessing meaning. Flower baskets and bouquets are good choices.

  2. The office must be necessary -no water cup

    Whether you are an office rookie or a company executive, the desk is indispensable on the desk, mobile phones, and various documents. After overturning the water cup, it may lead to a lot of losses. In order to avoid such embarrassing things, I recommend you to the water -free cup designed by Jayme Smaldone. Use SmartGRIP technology on the bottom of the cup. The air pressure lock, no matter how to push it, it cannot be pushed down, and as long as you mention it gently, it will be unlocked automatically.

    The intimate gifts, I believe that people who receive him will love it.

    Gospel of the travel person —— Smart box

    The business people who often travel out of the business have been overweight or lost in luggage. Xiaobian recommends this Intelligent handbags, the favorite of travel people!

    Is the following characteristics: First, the automatic weighing sensor is built -in. When the box is mentioned, it will tell you how heavy the box is, whether it exceeds the rules of the airport; secondly The built -in charging treasure can be charged six times for mobile phones; the third feature is anti -loss, built -in sensor, when the distance between you leave the suitcase exceeds a certain range, it will remind you; the fourth is the digital control unlocking function, Relying on Bluetooth transmission, you can unlock/lock the luggage through the application on the mobile phone.

    Copeable business elites -separation mobile phone security locks

    separate mobile phone security locks represented by black guards to token, which not only created a mobile information security protection New ideas, and quickly become a must -have for business elites. The double encryption method of Black Guard token uses token hardware professional security software can provide comprehensive protection for mobile phones. It has application locks, encryption storage and intelligent The three major functions of material search can be encrypted for various applications, address books, and SMS on mobile phones. Through token software, any information can be transferred at a high speed anytime, anywhere, and the updated address book, important meeting, important meetings, important meetings, important meetings, and important meetings. Video, there is no risk of business secrets, while its intelligent finding function can protect mobile phone anti -theft and defense by trigger alarm function.

    S separate mobile phone security locks are often traveling on business elites with important information. There are also absolute reasons for the business elites that have important information to back up the demand. There is an absolute reason for the Black Guard tokens.

    IOD members -visualized smart bracelets

    When everyone is still using smart bracelets and measured some physical signs, leading technology companies have begun to work The scene is implanted in the bracelet.

    Below, Xiaobian should recommend a smart bracelet that can be used for work scenarios. This bracelet has a built -in miniature projection device that can project the screen of the mobile phone on the user's arm. Or pull out your phone in the backpack, just click your wrist gently, you can easily perform various operations on the arms, including sending and receiving emails, browsing webs to view weather and even playing games.

    The new technology pets are really in love!

  3. What gifts and gifts are the quality of business men? It is considered quality? It ’s not possible to buy a lot of money. In fact, quality is related to various factors such as design, materials, brands, etc. Let's take a look at this list.
    In the next, the love rituals recommend the list of "Ranking of Men's Gifts" for you.
    The business men: Australia imported Koulan Mountain wine
    bright dark red, rich black acid cherry, blackberry. Green olives and pomegranate atmosphere, tightness, clear taste, white chocolate mousse and cream milk chocolate flavor

    Jinjunmei Black Tea Small Breeding Tea
    The packaging is beautiful, gifts, and small bags inward, easy to carry, soup color, natural translucent, summer and summer quenching, cool summer, clear but not turbid, aroma, aroma, aroma, aroma, aroma, aroma, aroma Drifting, lip and teeth incense.

    It Jinjunmei Black Tea Small Breeding Tea Reference Price 656.00 RMB | Buy Links
    Sending Business Men: British Tepu Electronic Cigarettes
    constant. The ant -human atomization core uses spiral wire wound technology, with high taste reduction, retaining clear oil fume. rnrn英国特唯普电子烟参考价格398.00 RMB | 购买链接rn送商务男士:COACH蔻驰男款牛皮浮雕腰带rn  腰带款式简单大方,质量很好, The packaging is good, the leather is soft, the style is simple and atmospheric, the quality is good, and the feel is comfortable. The metal part can be wiped with test silver cloth to make it light to avoid discoloration.

    Coach men's cowhide relief belt reference price 658.00 RMB | Buy link
    The business men: German EDISH tea is separated the insulation cup
    Tea is separated by the separation of tea, and there is no need to spit tea for tea drinking. One -click out of water, blocking tea and returning, high -efficiency thermal insulation function, people do not cool tea.

    It Germany Edish tea separation thermal insulation cup reference price 139.00 RMB | Buy link
    The business men: Jinlilai men's mulberry solid color tie
    If you do n’t lose color, you do n’t have to wrinkle at will, smooth and stiff, unique styling process, so that it has been cleaned after time,

    R n Send business men: LAMY Pen Pacific Blue Steel Metal Bright Ping
    This continuing classic pen body shape, professional quality, triangular three -dimensional strokes, correction of your stroke posture, ink visible design, more humanely manifested Implement

    LAMY pen Pacific blue star metal brighter reference price 530.00 RMB | Buy link
    Send business men: Zippo classic black crack lacquer lighter
    zippo classic black lighter, fashionable and temperament, Quanhei simple and mysterious shape, rough feel, rough and natural texture, rigid anti -slip and abrasion resistance can stand up and wind and rain, good choice for gifts

    zippo classic black crack paint lighter reference price 168.00 RMB | Buying link
    The above is the sharing of "Sending the Ranking of Men's Gifts", which is provided to you for your reference. Gift gifts without clue, just come to love with a strong gift ~

  4. The gifts for business people first recommend watches, because watches are a symbol of mature men and very fashionable; second, you can make some options on the basis of understanding the other party's interests, you can send books or some models.

  5. 1. Life small home appliance gifts.
    Such as breakfast machine, yogurt machine, coffee machine, bread machine, etc. The characteristics of such gifts are that the product is strong, and it is essential in life. In other words, it is general and meets almost all business gift gift requirements.
    2, kitchen small appliance gifts.
    For example, some of our daily life is a rice cooker, an electric pressure cooker, an induction cooker, a pot, etc.
    3, office gift.
    Thefold, this volume, folder, etc., can be used for both business advertising gifts, or inside the unit. The characteristics are significant. Gift.
    4, advertising promotion gifts. Like some advertising umbrellas, advertising pens, advertising cups, and so on. The characteristics of such gifts are: small and practical and diverse. Regardless of whether a large number of distributions or special gifts, there are suitable choice
    5, electronic gifts.
    For example, some of the most common calculators, radios, projection clocks, U disks, etc. This kind of gift has its practicality and technical nature, and it is a natural preference for modern people.
    6, leather gift. The charm of the leather is that it is natural and delicate, and is a commonly used high -end business gift. Including: business card clips, key bags, cosmetic bags, fixtures, briefcases, etc.

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