3 thoughts on “I want to know what is the price of gold in each place compared with "Qiqihar" and "Jinzhou"?”

  1. First of all, the price of gold is basically a national unified price! Especially the gold jewelry of the unified brand, such as Zhou Shengsheng, Zhou Dafu, China Gold! The daily price is floating. At present, the price of gold jewelry of such brands is about 400! The gold bar can be 5 yuan per gram!
    Platinum price is 600 yuan per gram!

    . Those 320 gold is a small shop in every region. The quality of gold is discounted and may not be guaranteed!

    If you buy gold bars to store and collect, wait for appreciation! It is recommended to buy it in the bank, the gold bars are cheap, and the truth is true!

    If it is to buy gold jewelry, it is better to buy a brand. Compared to the cottage brand, it is pure, and the style and workmanship are better!

    If purchases are recommended to buy in Hong Kong, it is also the platinum of Zhou Shengsheng or Chow Tai Fook. The mainland will cost 600 per gram, and Hong Kong only costs about 450!

    Right, as for the rise of gold, personal conservative attitude!
    Because gold is currently in the highest level of history!
    Because the international economic crisis is still there in the short term, gold may still have appreciation and value preservation function!
    But with the improvement of the economic crisis of various countries, especially the recovery of the US economy, one day of the US dollar is strong, which is the end of gold!

  2. Gold has been rising. As stocks have been greatly affected by 3A credit rating in the United States, most customers have turned to gold. Now the gold market has a trend of rise. In terms of physical gold, it must be rising!

    . As for the price of gold
    318.73, the nation's prices are the same. This can be inquired online. Hope

  3. It is important to choose a company. The landlord may wish to do it one by one. Anyway, I traded on the platform you said. I have changed a few gold companies before. Now this service is the best.

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