3 thoughts on “How to buy a diamond ring?”

  1. In a finished diamond, the international 4C standards are used to classify: color (color), cact, clarity, and cut (CAT). For carat diamonds of more than 1 carat, the key depends on diamond clarity level. It is understood that the clarity level of diamonds in the industry is divided into LC (flawless under the mirror); VVS level (extremely micro flaw), which separates two sub -level VVS and VVS2 (depending on the size of the flaw); VS level level; VS level (Micro flaws) and two sub -level VS and VS2; SI (small flaws) and two sub -level SI and SI2; P -grade (unclear) and three sub -level P1, P2 and P3 (visible to the naked eye visible to the naked eye can be visible to the naked eye visible to the naked eye. Bad, divide according to position and different sizes). Because Cla diamonds are usually expensive, consumers must pay special attention to the level of diamonds. Generally speaking, VVS levels or VS levels are sufficient, because the higher the claim level of diamonds, the more expensive the price is, which is not cost -effective for ordinary consumers.

    If a normal diamond ring below 1 carat, the style and color are particularly important. "Since the diamond clarity level cannot be grade, it is necessary to work more in the appearance of the diamond ring. As long as the style is chic and colorful, the ordinary diamond ring is still eye -catching." Experts said.

    It, whether it is carat diamond or ordinary diamond ring, consumers should pay special attention to the cutting of diamonds when buying. No matter how good the diamonds, if the cut is not good and the pavilion is too shallow, the light will be bleak and become "dead fish eyes." And a cut diamond, the fire color is very strong, and the light is shining a little.

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