1 thought on “How much is the tide macro 2 carat diamond ring?”

  1. The price of 2 carat diamond ring ranges from 100,000 to hundreds of thousands, and it may be millions of more expensive. The reason why it is so expensive is mainly caused by the different diamond 4C. In fact, what kind of diamond ring to buy is not the most important. The most important thing is that you have to let your other half know your love for her. You will love her for a lifetime, no matter what will happen in the future, what will happen in the future? You will not leave her, and you will put on that one for her that every man can only customize one in his life with his ID card, send one person in his life, and give it to the favorite person, which means "the only true love in life" CTLOVES (CT ring), gives her a lifetime promise.

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