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  1. The male left and female, each wearing the middle finger, because you have not got married yet, now belong to the period of love. When you order the marriage, you can also wear it on the ring finger, or before you get married, including the engagement on the middle finger, wait for the marriage, wait for the marriage, wait for the marriage. At that time, wearing it on the ring finger, representing the marriage,
    men left and women! Because wearing a ring on the day of marriage was worn by a man with his left hand holding the woman's right hand! It also means that she will love her! The right hand is a commonly used hand. When she treats her well, she will cherish her, and will not let her do it for you ... Wearing it from the index finger is pure, loved, married, and alone. To put it simply, "Clear thermal knot (solution) independence (poison)"
    generally wearing the left middle finger of the left hand, the metaphor of the middle finger is the belonging to the heart, and the unmarried couple usually wears the middle finger of the left hand after buying a couple ring.
    If you buy a couple's tail ring, we wear the little thumb of the left hand.
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  2. Whether it is a lady or a man who wants to give each other a surprise, choose a couple ring, indicating that the love of the two people is strong and loves each other! Full of romance!
    First of all, when choosing a couple ring, you need to care. Many jewelry companies, like OL jewelry network, can customize according to the names, birthdays, birthdays, constellations, constellations, and personality of both couples.
    Secondly, when giving gifts, dating at the place where the two people met for the first time, and then could not help but take the ring out and surprise each other. Or put the ring in the cake, the cake artist is designed well.

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