2 thoughts on “How can I welded gold and silver jewelry with electricity iron? Intersection Isn't the soldering iron welded? Intersection”

  1. Strictly speaking, it is not possible. Because the electric chromium iron does not reach the temperature required for silver jewelry! If you are your own accessories and want to repair it, you can use welded water plus welded welding. But remove the coating first. After welding, you need to boil with alum with water for a while. But if it is industrial processing, this method will cause the silver content to fail to meet the standard. And the firmness is also poor.

    This iron can only be welded, and the color must be different. If the color is the same, you can only use silver. The silver temperature is about 900 degrees, and the electric soldering iron cannot be achieved. There may be a kind of fast electric iron. I haven't tried it. For silver jewelry, a hydroxide welding machine should be more appropriate. It is mainly welded. It is best to be a little lower than the temperature of the mother material, so it is better to operate when welding.

  2. No, the current gold and silver jewelry testing is particularly strict, especially the gold jewelry, which needs to be 999 thousand pure gold and cannot have impurities. The higher the coming, if you need to use gold and silver jewelry welding, you can find the automated automated automation machine, which uses material electrical ion welding, relying on instantaneous high temperature without adding any impurities, ensuring the finished product, which guarantees the finished product. The purity is the automatic touched welding machine. The only one in China is developed

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