6 thoughts on “Give girlfriend birthday gift, 300-800 yuan”

  1. I suggest that you can buy things that are both sincere and practical
    The watch is indeed good. You can go to Taobao to find a brand watch first to understand and go to your mall to buy a good brand and style on the Internet (how many more choose a few more After all, it is recommended to buy the watch after -sales after all. Those who come from all the clothes do not refuse, you like it) You can pick a good brand like ONLY in advance and say that the style is not appropriate before adjusting her! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

    It also buy a good bag! Intersection The purchase process can be like a watch (you can pick it) or the bag (in case of the case) bag is quite memorable, and the price is almost the same

    They are all very good and good choices. Have you ever seen an idol drama?)

    Is don't say that my suggestion is too material, huh, you are originally sending things, otherwise you tell her to tell her to tell her A deep story? Send this book? Do you usually do it

    shes head flowers are too stingy and meaningless (I understand)

    I I wish you success! Intersection Intersection The love field is like a battlefield, winning step by step! Intersection

  2. I wonder if you have sent a calendar? It has both commemorative meaning and practical.

    It your photos can be made into table calendars. A photo of one month, you can do it in many photos of photos, just take digital photos. The price is not very expensive, usually 50 or 60 yuan.

    The on New Year's Day, I customized such a desk calendar for my boyfriend. He likes it quite. Not only does it have a group photo of us, but there are photos of our classmates gathering, photos of him and family members and family members We went to travel photos, photos of his taekwondo competition, etc., placed on the desk or the desk of our own home, which is both commemorative and practical.

  3. Do you say that mobile phone watches, mobile phone watches are usually poor in functional use

    In I do n’t know what your girlfriend likes

    Hair (often high consumption of hair or changing hairstyles can be seen)

    It can buy a good comb, such as Maggie's air cushion comb, more than 100 yuan
    or Panasonic negative ions Broken combing, straight hair comb, or perm more than 200 yuan

    or the head flower that gives she's, although the brand will make your girlfriend very face in front of others

    Her preferences and figures are sent to women's clothing brands (famous brands) costumes (you can find a tasteful girl to help choose)

    I I don't think it is necessary to limit 300-800 mainly to make her often a little surprise, such as Christmas lover The festival includes the New Year, don't have a big one at a time

  4. In fact, everything represents your own heart!

    is about to be 6.1 immediately. You can give a girlfriend a gift for Children's Day. Everyone has their own most precious childlike child. Whenever Liuyi, you may think of it when you are young. Give it to the time. She was surprised and sent her most sincere blessings!

    The girlfriend gifts for Liuyi are very popular, you can go online to choose!

  5. 14. Trimous water faucet: It can freely turn your washbasin into strange glory, and will change the color with the temperature. The flowing water column is full of crystal clear luster. Scales ...

    15. Rainbow projector: The rainbow after wind and rain gives people a kind of refreshed, comfortable, and a good, but few people are willing to accept the baptism of wind and rain for the instantaneous beauty. Then bring this kind of beauty in the heavens back, and give her the most beautiful rainbow ..

    16. Diamond necklace: Zhengsheng Zhenye Eternal series diamond pendant is a symbol of your love, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds, diamonds Fortunately, a forever circulation, record your sweet love ..

    17. Fantasy glow pillow: exudes the crystal clear and transparent light source, which is naturally given a romantic and warm atmosphere, unique Tiancheng, warm and romantic it was rated as a gift for girls' hearts as soon as they appeared!

  6. It is cheap and beautiful to get a new jewelry. Or send a Swarovski crystal jewelry brand to go to the special store to choose, the Shin Kong series does not matter. Everywhere is OK, Xinguang is cheap, and it looks like again. Essence Essence

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