Precautions for wearing wigs

Precautions for wearing wigs
1, wearing wigs normally will not cause allergies, but those who are more sensitive to the constitution had better not wear them. In addition, wigs will have a certain impact on the skin of the head, originally suffering from dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases if people wear wigs, may make the disease aggravated, to wait for the skin disease is entirely safe to wear. In addition, the hot weather in summer, wearing wigs is not conducive to sweat, therefore the wearer should choose High end Woman Wigs of excellent quality when choosing wigs, preferably with breathable mesh, and should not be worn for a long time.

2, girls how to wear a wig naturally, lovely? The HAIR THAT SHOULD USE ONESELF ABOVE ALL HEAD COVER IS COVERED, LEST HIS HAIR IS EXPOSED, ESPECIALLY BANGS. If using a wig piece, be sure to match the color of your real hair.

599ffba81f4b057092415daae71071ce3. Wigs should be commonly used to comb the dust and hair stuck on wigs, and be sure to wash them regularly. The wig is dried with a dry towel after cleaning, and then dried with a hair dryer or put on the bracket to dry naturally, which is conducive to health and can also prolong the service life of the wig.

4, wig is not worn with hair steel comb (do not use plastic comb) along the original shape comb, then set to the special wig frame or hang on the hanger hook. Long-term use, please put it in a box and cover it with a plastic bag. Do not be squeezed when storing. Wigs are not easy to stain, but also pay attention to the maintenance of regular cleaning.

Classification of wigs
According to the material, which can be divided into human hair do wigs, there are also chemical fiber wigs. In comparison, the quality of real hair, workmanship and other aspects are better than the chemical fiber wig. The price is more costly than the chemical fiber wig. However, real wigs are not easy to knot, and can also be moderately hot dyeing.

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