Tuesday, March 29, 2011

03.29.11.....Three Cheers for the Comprehensive

Hello friends. Here's what we did in March: tour. It was kinda cool if you like playing to people that like your band or whatever. Fun was had....here's the details!! :
03/06/11: Louisville, KY @ a house: A fair amount of individuals showed up for our kick off. It was what could be considered a 50% "hometown show". We played a long set so we could get used to playing some new songs that we hadn't executed in a live manner before. I got pushed into the drumset within the first thirty seconds and had a nice big gash. So much for safety. There were very high ceilings, so we witnessed a headwalk while we played, which is pretty awesome. Lineup: Trap Them, Prideswallower, Modern Hell and fuck, I forgot who else.
03/07/11: Buffalo, NY @ The Funeral Home: Mr. Andy Williams' "hometown show". Great house/space type show set up by the always wonderfful and dependable Andy Czuba. The room was pretty full, which means Buffalo has decided to keep liking us. Thanks, Buffalo!!! Bestower was awesome. We met up with Gaza for the first show of our two week adventure together. Anyways, it got really hot in there, even though it was like five degrees outside. Lineup: Trap Them, Gaza, Bestower, aaaaaand....fuck, I forgot again.
03/08/11: Toronto, Ontario, Canada @ Parts and Labour: On five days notice, this show drew over 200 kids. Pre-tay pre-tay cool. Somehow, we were able to make it over the border relatively easy. Thanks, border patrol!!! Bothe opening bands (Creeper and Kosmograd(sp?) were great. The chef upstairs made all the boys delicious and expensive meals for free, so he gets a huge vote of fantastic. We met some of the guys from Cancer Bats, who were extremely nice. We played a rather dangerous set. My eyebrow exploded and I had a bottle broken over my head, which left a very large gash. I don't think there are pictures from the show, which is probably good, because then our pasrents would see them and wonder what we're doing with our lives. Lineup: Trap Them, Creeper, Kosmograd
03/09/11: Allston, MA @ Great Scott's: This was the first day of our tour with The Red Chord and Gaza. Sold out show with many a familiar face. We (somehow) barely play the northeast, so it was great to finally have a show in Mass again. The_Network was great....including a DEADGUY cover! Gaza was extremely heavy and sounded great. After the show we headed to the infamous Mitch McArtor's house in Providence to eat pizza. Lineup: The Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza, The_Network
03/10/11: Providence, RI @ Club Hell: Club Hell used to be a strip club, but now it's a tacky dance party venue, where the shows are super early so that all the distortion lovers can be shoved out and the trainwrecks can pay a cover to go in and dance to shitty music, drink a ton of obnoxious mixed drinks and try to match up dicks with vaginas. Again....don't remember the openers' names. I was on a hunt for coffee and Mike n' Ikes. The show was as good as it could have been at a place that many choose not to go to. After the show, we ate more pizza and got some sleep. I woke up the next morning and went to Julian's, which is an amazing restaurant where I ate something awesome that I can't remember. Lineup: The Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza plus two more bands and one of them had a singer with really pretty hair. 03/11/11: S. Hackensack, NJ @ School of Rock: Jersey is fun to play now. Thanks Jersey!!! We loved playing the New Brunswick basement shows in the past. I'm hoping we get to sneak into one of those again. Great reaction for every band. A handful of kids got kicked out while we played, which is unfortunate. A dude blew out his knee during The Red Chord and it looked gross. The show was put on pause until the EMTs arrived. I think we stayed the night somewhere, but Hey, shockingly I don't remember. Lineup: The Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza plus three more bands.
03/12/11: Baltimore, MD @ Sonar: Whole Foods....yeaaaah buddy. Asparagus salad. Mmmmm. The show went relatively well. Harvey Milk was the headliner, which was a fun addition to the night. There weren't a lot of kids there, but the ones who were had fun. After the show we stayed at a place where our gracious host made us a wonderful vegan meal. The next morning, Chris and I went running and I realized I'm very out of shape. After the run, we were welcomed back to the house by a breakfast of tofu scramble, pancakes and seitan bacon. Beautiful. Lineup: Harvey Milk, The Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza
03/13/11: Springfield,. Va @ Jaxx: Another Whole Foods across the street. Thanks, Whole Foods!!! Jaxx is a pretty big place, so even though there was a decent amount of people there, it looked very ummmm...uninhabited. There's also this weird built-in barrier on the stage. Whatever. Stiull fun. A few opening bands played, including one that had some sort of Dragonforce type thing going on. Some friends came out, and we played a good set, so they didn't leave disappointed. We stayed at Nicole/Deathwish's place in Richmond, where Andy said something that made me have a fiteen minute laughing fit, which kept us all awake. I was laughing, crying, and apologizing all at once. Lineup: The Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza and more.
03/14/11: Greensboro, NC @ Green St. Club: Another disco venue. The first band covered RATM. There was also some stupid light show while we played that somehow took forever to finally shut off. A few TT fans showed up, which we very much appreciate, because the rest of the crowd looked confused as fuck. I think we got a cheap ass hotel.
03/15/11: Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway: Driving to Johnson City is a nightmare. It's like this assault of mountainous, twisty-turny highway roads. Well, we made it and everyone got to do what they wanted. There were mall visits, gym visits, etc. The show was a lot of fun and a large amount of people showed up, which was nice. Thanks, people!!! It was just the package as the lineup, so it was a quick show. After this, we went and ate at this all night diner type place that was really good. Then we got a cheap ass hotel.
03/16/11: Nashville, TN @ Exit In: Busy day. A few friends came, so there was hangout time for many. I turned into errand king and did an oil change, picked up more LPs, got the brakes fixed and a few more things. Also got busy at a Whole Foods. Ringworm (!) was added to the show, so it ended up being a great time. Lots of kids and lots of mosh-bringing. I kept having to piss, so I kept going in the trash can next to the merch table. We got done the set, loaded immediately out and started our ridiculously long drive to Austin, TX. Ouch. Lineup: The Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza, Ringworm and one more.
03/17/11 - 03/19/11: Austin, TX @ many places. SXSW: I'm not going to dive into every show, so I'll summarize as best as I can. Showed up after a bazillion hour drive at around 4;15 and loaded right on stage and played the Brooklyn Vegan showcase. It was hot as fuck because Austin is hot as fuck. Met the Kvelertak dudes....awesome boys. Everyone went their own way for the night. I started my streak of eating at the same diner for three days and had pumpkin pancakes. Stayed at our friend Tyson's house for the duration of our time there. Played the Power of the Riff showcase with a ton of awesome bands, including Trash Talk, The Secret and All Pigs Must Die. Played a gargae show at 1am and got shut down by the cops after one song. Went to the Converse fort and got some sweet kicks. Played the Thrasher/Fader showcase, where we set up at the same time as All Pigs Must Die and traded songs back and forth. Here's a video: Said goodbye to the post-apocalyptic duststorm with no clouds and oven heat of Austin and headed to Little Rock for the last show.
03/20/11: Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music Hall: Ghost city. Sunday afternoon with no existing life. Wandered aimlessly until the show began. It was also a ghost venue, where it seemed everyone was tired from morning mass, so they decided not to come out. Thanks, Little Rock!!! Besides this, everyone played a fun set. During The Red Chord, Chris dressed up in metallic gold wrestling pants and ran onstage to help Guy/TRC summon the crowd into a frenzy. He then proceeded to pull down his pants and show everyone his brownstar. They were stoked. After this, we all said our goodbyes and headed back to Louisville so we could all go home for a whopping nine days before we head to Europe, which is....tomorrow. Fuck. What am I doing wasting my time on the computer? Lineup: The Red Chord, Trap Them, Gaza plus two more.

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