Thursday, March 3, 2011

03.03.11......I can haz noizy tyme?!!!

As a recap for your listening (dis)pleasure:

Links provided to the various sights....just click on the song title. Internet convenience!

The Facts -

Slumcult & Gather - Decibel Magazine blog

Damage Prose -

Evictionaries -

Every Walk a Quarantine -

At some point next week, NPR (yup...NPR. Awesome.) will be providing an full stream of the entire Darker Handcraft album. Finally, something we can tell our parents about that they'd understand.

We're doing our best to use this blog well....anything anyone would like to see on here, feel free to let us know at:

More tour history will show up some time in the next few weeks when we get to a venue with six hours until the show starts, wherein I will escape to a quiet coffee shop for six hours of free refills and type away.

More news soon.

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  1. This new record is really amazing! it defiantly is a great progression from Seizures.