Tuesday, March 1, 2011

03.01.11.......Balls Officially Spilled

Oh, hey....the record came out today.

Wait....you don't have a record player? Ok, never mind.....the CD comes out March 15th.

Wait, you have a record player but the vinyl was all sold out by the time you got around to ordering it?

Ok, well here's your next chance. Prosthetic just announced a second pressing and they are available here:

Please order them all so Prosthetic has to repress it a third time, therefore realizing they grossly misunderestimated (thanks GW!) our vinyl capabilities.

If you like the internet a lot, a bunch of sites are going to be streaming songs from Darker Handcraft for the days leading up to the March 15th release, so that's cool.

Oh yeah, our tour starts in less than a week. We begin in Louisville with a house show that I'm hoping turns into a shitstorm. Next day is Buffalo, and then.....hi Canada....long time no see. We'll fuck your brains out for about a half an hour and then go right back to the United Boring States of America.

The Red Chord/Trap Them/Gaza tour begins March 9th in Allston, MA and will take us down to SXSW in Austin, where we're playing a bunch of free showcase bonanzas at convenient hours like noon to 6pm.

To those who've (ahem..) gotten their copies of the record, thanks for the great words. We're happy that you're happy.

This post was written while listening to Mogwai's Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.

If you replace the word "you" with the following, it pretty much sums up how we feel:

99% of American "black metal"

the use of the word "kvlt"

message boards

ball playing

record flippers

people that say they like the old stuff better

acting like the "Crass" reunion matters

dudes that haven't learned how to heckle well

bands with flutes

This is just a partial list.

We'll see some of you in the coming weeks, more in the coming months, the rest in the coming year.

Fuck yeah.


  1. The album is fucking amazing!!! My number 1 heavy album of the year!

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