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01.26.11.....Show History, Volume Three

May 2007 was taken off to finish writing "Seance Prime". Rough tracks were emailed to me while I was out in Seattle, where I would put on headphones in my studio apartment and whisper scream them until they were drilled into my head. Recording commenced in the first week of June at Godcity. Nat from Transistor, Transistor did the bass parts on a few of the tracks. We recorded it analog, which explains why it sounds so warm, yet heavy as fuck. I think we spent five days there. We were pretty damn pleased with the outcome, as was Deathwish, who laughed at the fact we made an "EP" that was only four minutes shorter than our previous "LP".
John, who had handled the drumming on the previous tour, decided to bow out. Shane, on bass, had as well. So bass duties for our next tour were filled by Derek Black and we found a drummer in Mike Sharp. For those keeping tabs, that means that, at that time, we hailed from New Hampshire, Seattle, Indianapolis and San Antonio. Simple is not the word to describe our approach.
Scuba was coming along on the tour as merch dude, which as you now know morphed into bass player after this tour. We picked him up at the Haverhill, MA train station and then Mike, Scuba, Brian and I drove fifteen hours to Indianapolis to meet up with Derek for a week of practice before the tour began.
This was a three week plus tour with Germany's Perth Express.
Got to Indianapolis and started practicing right away so that nothing sounded sloppy. Did about six hours a day, drilling everything we could. I walked to Cumberland Farms a lot for diet coke and pretzels. Scuba and I washed Derek's dishes. Brian and Derek went to Steak and Shake and Brian told Derek not to get naked while we play, which is actually harder for Derek to comply with than it seems. Mike watched a lot of movies and looked for pizza.
The first show of the tour was Dudefest 2007, which was a two day fest that year. We played day two, so on day one, we said "fuck it" and set up merch, which was a good idea because we sold a bunch without even playing. A few hours in, I had to drive to Chicago to pick up the Germans from O'Hare. I also had to stop on the way to pick up eight cases of "Steez" energy drinks. I drank half a case on the way to and from Chicago. I could have punched through four feet of solid concrete.
Picked up Perth Express, who were obviously tired from the flight. Got in the van and played Hot Snakes, which is a band that you can put on and immediately bond with anyone. Everyone, rightfully so, likes Hot Snakes. If you don't like Hot Snakes, Trap Them doesn't like you.
Arrived at Dudefest in time to see the second half of Young Widow's set and then watched Coliseum and Premonitions of War. Went back to Derek's house, where half of Dudefest attendees were sleeping over. Sleeping is actually not the word to use, seeing as everyone was up and drunk until about seven in the morning.

July 28th, 2007: Dudefest at the Harrison Center, Indianapolis, IN - Shit was insane. About 400 kids squeezed into a dank basement in a building. I would LOVE to post pictures, but I have never seen any. All I remember is seeing about nine or ten cameras go flying out of peoples hands within the first five minutes. Opened with "Insomniawesome" and then played "The Protest Hour" for the first time. Praiseworthy circle pits and lots of fists in the air. A fucking great way to start a tour.
Lineup: A lot of fucking awesome bands

July 29th, 2007: The Mall, Grand Rapids, MI - Didn't happen. Drove to the house and the kid who booked the show wasn't there. All his roommates knew nothing about a show. Hey, shocking.....a flake in a punk house! Woah!
Drove to Chicago to stay overnight.
Lineup: Stale air, frustration, annoyance

July 30th, 2007: Shaman Records House, Chicago, IL - Fun basement show. Loading in sucked, but we got to eat pizza. I think I drank two Sparks and was full off of that. The place actually had a lot of people show up, but they did that thing where only 40% went and watched the bands while 60% sat outside and talked about nothing important. Drove to Milwaukee to stay at a very nice couple's apartment. I dove into Lake Michigan and forgot a towel.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, and a few others.....most of this tour, I won't be able to remember the other bands. Sorry, bad.

July 31st, 2007: The Breakfast Nook, Milwaukee, WI - Cool basement, not heavily attended. Was still a fun time. We at at a place called "Pizza Shuttle" after the show where most of the dudes chipped in and bought this fucking insanely huge pizza. All I remember is looking over at Mike and seeing his entire hand covered in grease.
Lineup: Protestant, Trap Them, Perth Express

August 1st, 2007: Was supposed to be in Minneapolis, but was cancelled. This ended up being a lucky break because a bridge collapsed there.

August 2nd, 2007: First Cup Cafe, Des Moines, IA - I don't really know what to say about this show. It was awkward. It also felt like we were playing in a off off off off off Broadway theater. Brian found wi-fi. They served coffee. That's all I got on this one.

August 3rd, 2007: Lemp Arts Center, St. Louis, MO - Really big room. Started the day by going to the arch. Everyone ate at their happy places and then I think we wandered aimlessly for a few hours. The show was filled with screamy metalcore bands. When we played, three kids stood up front and the other sixty or so stood about twenty feet pack, looked really confused.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, and I have no idea who else

August 4th, 2007: House Show, Indianapolis, IN - Got back to Derek's early in the morning. Slept in. Went to the show and there was no parking and it was raining. There was another band that played, that was from Indianapolis and I can't remember their name, but it was great. Fuck, my memory sucks.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, and a really good band

August 5th, 2007: The Brick House, Louisville, KY - This was an awesome benefit show with a bunch of great bands. I think it was something like 102 degrees out and no clouds, so we were dying. The show itself was a really fun one and it gave me an opportunity to see Black Cross for the first time. As soon as the show was done, we tried to escape to a cooler climate.
Lineup: Black Cross, Trap Them, Comadre, Graf Orlock, Plows

August 6th, 2007: Nara Sushi, Richmond, VA - It was a Monday and, evidently, Richmond shuts down on Mondays. Nothing was open, so it was an incredibly long day of killing time. I think we.....I don't know. We did something. Nara Sushi was awesome, though, and was one of the funnest shows of the tour. The place where bands set up was in the middle of a long, wide hallway, so you played to about six feet in front of you and about ten feet on either side. We got paid really good, which helped fuel the rest of the tour, since we had been eating shit so far.
Lineup: Ultra Dolphins, Wow Owls, Trap Them, Perth Express

August 7th, 2007: The Spazzatorium Galleria, Greenville,NC - I really don't know where to begin with this day. It was shit hot, so we stopped at a movie theater in the afternoon just to soak in some air conditioning. We saw The Simpsons Movie and, collectively, were somewhere between slightly unimpressed and moderately amused. We got to this fuckbarn and realized it was the type of house/space where no one that lives there seems to know what's going on. Somewhere around 9pm, bands showed up and we found out there were two rooms that were each going to have bands playing. The room we played in was alright to work with. We played fast and caught the attention of a few people that weren't straddling the keg in the kitchen. Some dickbag bro tried to dance with a beer in his hand during PE and then threw his can at us. A few of us responded by knocking his shit out and he left the house in a hurry. The "show" ended around midnight or 1am, in which time the "promoter" tried to pay us $15. He started panicking when we threatened to kill him, so he bumped our payment up to $20 because it was "all he had left". We couldn't wait to get the fuck out of Greenville after that.
Lineup: Absolutely no fucking idea

August 8th, 2007: The Waiting Room, Philadelphia, PA - This was another winner. I think it was around 105 degrees that day. The basement was in West Philly with one convenience store down the street that closed at sundown....always a good sign. We were stoked to play with The Minor Times and The_Network. We were not stoked to haul equipment down some sketchy, loose wooden stairs into a basement that was, literally, mud and dirt. I can't believe there was power down there. After one band played, it was probably at least 120 degrees down there. It was insane. We finally played, sweated our balls off and tried to load out as fast as possible. I got heat stroke and puked in some bushes. Brian said, this is fucking bullshit.". Mike at some pizza and Derek made weird jokes because the sun fried his brain. The Minor Times was able to only play a few songs, but they were fucking awesome. It made it even more intense, being as they were rushed and told they couldn't play to begin with. We were sure glad they did.
Lineup: The Minor Times, Trap Them, Perth Express, The_Network, Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky

August 9th: Westcott Community Center, Syracuse, NY - Shit. I can't remember one single solitary thing about this show other than Ryan Hex booked it. It was probably really good. Why do you always remember the shitty ones so well? We did stay at Hex's house that night and I think I watched Total Recall.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express and other bands that were probably awesome, but I suck and can't think

August 10th: The Charleston, Planet Fucking Brooklyn, NY - Awesome show with a fully packed basement in the bar. I love The Charleston.....we've never had a shit show at this place. It was sweaty and loud and fun. Our Brooklyn ambassador, who goes by the name of Montana, gave us copious amounts of beer (and, thankfully, diet coke) and we watched his band, Tournament, completely destroy. They were a perfect noisy punk rock band and were a great band to start the night. PE had a great set as well. We played blew a fuse within the first three songs. Once that was out of the way, we made it through the rest of the set with no problems. We at Vinny's Pizza after. The night?: success.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, Tournament, Olde Ghost

August 11th: ABC No Rio, Planet Fucking Brooklyn, NY (afternoon show) - We booked two shows this day, so we had to run in and out of this one before getting to Amherst,MA. It was a good time, heavily attended because Ampere was playing. That's about it.....loaded, played, loaded out, drove. Oh, and we ate at Dash's Dogs.
Lineup Ampere, Someone else that was on tour with Ampere whose fans hated us, Trap Them, Perth Express

August 11th: Mercy House, Amherst, MA - We busted ass to get there on time, but still ran late. It wasn't a big deal, seeing as when we got to the hall, there were (at the most) twenty people. Didn't matter. I got to watch Relics play.....that's good enough for me....Therrien and Matt are awesome, awesome dudes. Always have been. After the show, we drove to Salem, NH and crashed for the night. Tomorrow was a day off, so we wanted maximum recharge time.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, Relics

August 12th: Day off. We went and watched Disfear play in Allston, MA. Therefore, it was a PERFECT day off.

August 13th: Washington St. VFW Hall, Brookline, MA - I remember Tides playing and not much else besides enjoying playing another New England show. We were also stoked that we only had a few days left on a tour in the middle of August. Shit....this tour is hard to remember anything about.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, Tides, one more

August 14th: Day off

Augst 15th: The Last Stand, Buffalo, NY - I know this show happened.....I KNOW it. But, again, I have no other recollection besides the house being on a one way street with no parking. I think we went to Niagra Falls. Luckily, our dude Andy Czuba was there to hang and give us an audience.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, two more

August 16th: The Davenport, Parma, OH - really bizarre bill, but we were lucky enough to watch Masakari again, who were just as great as the first time I saw them. This was a bar type venue and the stage was kind of tall. I think it was the only show on the tour that we had monitors. We sold some merch and were grateful to Cleveland and it's suburbs for helping us with gas money. After the show, the Germans (PE) got wasted, kept playing AC/DC on the jukebox and Enrico (the drummer who was dubbed "The Disco Cowboy" for this weird dance he did) got into Derek's van. As they were driving away, Derek realized Enrico had a pitcher of beer that he was still drinking because he thought he was in Germany, where you can drink everywhere, like at a children's fair. Or in church. We also found out that we were going to be going out with MLIW in September. All in all, a pretty good day.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, Masakari, Iron Teeth, and a metal band.

August 17th: Refuge Skate Shop, Dearborn, MI - Last day of tour. People brought vegan snacks, I got to see Eric Z of Element Records fame, and we were done driving in that tin can. The show was fun...not heavily attended, but a good bookend to the three plus weeks on the road. Nightbringer played and were great. We said goodbye to PE and drove our asses back to NH.
Lineup: Trap Them, Perth Express, Blackbirds (who were awesome) Nightbringer, Spitting Cobra

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