Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I think we'll be giving more details on the album soon.

I think we'll be announcing a tour soon.

We're also definitely playing some SXSW shows, but I don't have all the details. Plus, we probably just got in trouble for saying SXSW.

But, hey.....we made this cool record and it comes out kinda soon. If you like vinyl, you should pre-order it now, because you'll get it by March 1st, which is a full TWO WEEKS before those slaves to the compact disc will be able to acquire it. It has real spiffy packaging and is high quality vinyl. There are about fifty colors to choose from at the Prosthetic e-store. Once you buy those, you can come to one of these shows on this tour I think we'll be announcing soon and you can buy the version only available from the band (us).

Mr. Andy Williams will be, again, accompanying us on this tour as second guitarist. If anyone would like to come and hang out and talk with him, Brian and I about pre-1998 professional wrestling, we'd appreciate it.

Stay tuned for more things we're not sure of and have no idea about!


  1. The Prosthetic Records site says that the shipping begins late February, so it's definately not two weeks by March 1st ;/