Monday, January 17, 2011

01.18.11.....loud noises everywhere

Wow. Not sure where to begin, but I'll try to summarize the last two weekends as quick as I can.

First off, a huge thank you to those who made these shows as great as they were. We all spent a ridiculous amount of time in airports and in long car rides, but it was all worth it. Special "fuck yeah"s to Fred at Brooklyn Vegan and Rich Hall/1000 Knives for all they did to make our NYC weekend possible.

01.07.11 - Reggie's Rock Bar Club Thingy, Chicago, IL - This was the first of two free shows with two incredible bands in Mammoth Grinder and Black Breath. Reggie's had a no stagediving policy which did hinder the atmosphere, but every band didn't give a fuck and simply raged. Mammoth Grinder was absolutely fantastic and Black Breath did what they do best, which is kick much ass. It was a filled room for all three bands and the show was done by the rest of the night was spent with such an unrepeatable amount of insanity, it's better not to dive into it. Things broke, hysterical punches were thrown and a fair amount of alcohol was used as fuel for all of this. I drank Mountain Dew and hid behind a box of crackers while laughing my ass off.

01.08.11 - The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA - All three bands had to get on a plane at 7am. I'm pretty sure 50% of TT was still drunk. We peeled our crusted eyelids open and hopped over to O'Hare airport and got to LA at about 10am. Got to our hotel where we were told it wasn't ready. We were very stoked. Farted around until soundcheck at 2pm. This was an extremely early show. Kids filled the room and, again, because it was free, there was a fully rowdy crowd that seemed to enjoy the whole "not having to spend money" thing, which we were more than happy to be a part of. A lot of friends were able to make it out and the whole thing went off great. Spent the night at some cowboy bar where Greg from Southern Lord talked almost everyone into riding a mechanical bull. Scuba was very drunk and not only had a hard time even getting on the bull, but watching him try to STAY on it was.....legendary.
This was followed by watching a washed up Headbanger's Ball DJ host a bunch of ladies competing to ride said mechanical bull. Most of the group stayed outside and hung with Black Breath and assorted Southern Lord comrades as they smoked weed out of a grannysmith apple. So, all in all, a pretty regular night.

One week later, (this past weekend), we had the opportunity to headline two shows in NYC. Scuba and I each flew in from our present abodes. Chris,Brian and Andy all drove, and we all voltronized at Rich Hall's apartment. Brooklyn greeted me with Hanah Foods, a magical sandwich wonderland.
After a night of sleep we started the next day ready for our two day tour.

1.14.11 - Union Pool, Planet Fucking Brooklyn, NY - Sold out show. This was the first of two days with Black Anvil and All Pigs Must Die. Tonight was APMD's first show, but might as well have been their hundredth. Absolutely punishing. This shouldn't be a shock to anyone who is familiar with them, seeing as the band is made up of four seasoned vets. They blazed through their 30 minute set and left most jaws hanging. It was quite a privilege to be part of their live debuts. Black Anvil had a similar effect. They are, simply, a dirty slab of metal that never really takes a moment to breathe. Unrelenting and nasty. We like.
The room was full of 21+ bodies, so the reaction that we received was more than surprising. You tend to lump the "older" age group as (slightly) dead inside, more willing to put a fist in the air or headbang as opposed to, say, getting fucking nutty. Tonight they got nutty, and it was awesome. Not much else to say....everyone had a great time and the set went off without a hitch. Probably one of the better NYC shows we've ever had. Rich worked his ass off to make this happen and we were glad we could make his efforts worthwhile.

1.15.11 - The Cake Shop, Manhattan, NY - Sold out show. This was an early show, starting at 6pm. There was a little worry before the show because The Cake Shop was not going to allow full capacity, but Fred and Rich worked some magic and were able to take care of the situation.
Psychic Limb started the night and were fantastic. I was surprised to see the band had two former Seattle-ites in it. Both Casey and Seamus were two of the first people I met out here, and it was good to see they were making rad distortion together on the other side of the country. PL reminded me of a lot of 90's powerviolence/grind/hardcore hybrids.....short blasts of rage and an overall sarcasm and bitterness throughout. So this means they are great.
APMD and Black Anvil were pretty exciting to watch in a venue as intimate as where we were. After watching them both for the second time in two days, I was just bummed this wasn't a full tour.
Our set was rather rowdy, which I have brand new wounds to prove. The stage was only about eight inches off the ground, so it was perfect eye-level chaos. We had a fucking blast, especially watching kids already singing along to "The Facts". No complaints whatsoever about the entire two days we were there. Everything went as planned, and it was a nice little feeling to sell out a few shows and have packed crowds enjoy what you do.

Again, thanks to all that came out, whether you sang along, got nutty or just gave us your time. Rich and Fred are super dudes. Andy Williams is fucking rad and it's great to look over on stage and see him with us.
We'll see you again in March, NYC....along with a bunch of other cities.

Fuck yeah.

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  1. you must tell us more about andy! tell us why exactly he's playing with you guys, how long he'll be playing with you guys, is he just playing brian's parts verbatim for crucial volumized ass kicking? whats the deal?!