Saturday, October 30, 2010


We are proud to announce that Big Ben has pulled through his life threatening diagnosis and has fully recovered.
He was brought to the hospital at 8:00am EDT and went through ten hours of surgery before the doctor called and gave us the thumbs up. No grogginess ensued, no sense of post-op bewilderment. Simply put, Ben took it all like a champ and is very enthusiastic about returning to his daily grind.
He's also going to focus on his health from now on, taking the needed vitamins and, in turn, we will help him with his physical training.
Ben is very excited to return to his marathon form and is preparing for tonight's initial leg. We welcome him back as an integral part of the Trap Them family!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NEW SHOW! 11/10/10

We had an off date on Shit Happens: The Tour so we decided that we should probably just play another show. So we're going to be at The Mudlark Theatre in New Orleans, LA on 11/10/10 with A Hanging and Omean. Come out, tell your friends and rage with us in NOLA. Feel free to print and disperse either or both of these flyers!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Louisville, Kentucky
100% precipitation with strong wind gusts, temperature between 50 and 65 degrees.
Translation: Bitter

Solution: The first full band practice for Trap Them in almost four months.
Everything is looking very, very good.
If you are participating in any of the upcoming shows/tours to happen over the next seven weeks (yes....participating. There won't be barriers for a reason. Don't disappoint us...), you will hear at least one song from each album, including the new one.

Mastering is complete. Final layout should be ready to go in less than two weeks.

Tomorrow, we take Big Ben (our van) to the auto shop for....a lot. We'll make sure to have pictures of our facial reactions as we're handed the quote and/or the bill.
Wish us luck.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More From The Studio's.....something?

Mastering is close to complete.

The layout has been decided and is close to coming to fruition.

For those of you who will be coming out to the Shit Happens tour, we will have some new things for you to spend your hard earned money on, if you so desire.

Some of those new things are articles of with lots of new designs, ready made for your warm and/or cold weather enjoyment.
Some, however, are of the digital and analog medium......the type of medium you can play in your car, and also the type you can play in your home, using a needle.

Another tour will be announced in mid November. We aren't allowed to say anything right now, so we apologize for the vagueness.

2011 will begin with a "bang", or a "pow", or a "fuck you, let's do this shit"....any of these options will suffice. Again, we aren't allowed to say anything.
Don't you hate when a band has to say that? Me too, but it's the truth.

Some things we can definitely say:
1- We will be playing new songs on the upcoming tour.
2- They are awesome
3- You may or may not hear a recorded version of one of these songs sooner than later.
4- After taking a long time off from touring, we all have such a ridiculous amount of pent up aggression waiting to be released on stage, don't be surprised if things get a little out of hand. Don't take it personal.

After the brief hiatus in updates on this blog, things are back to normal. Expect little bits of everything much more frequently.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10.05.10.....Of the damaged

From the desk of: Stephen "Scuba" LaCour
RE: Outcome of recording session

As the eternally transient member of TT, 2010 was an odd year for me. I spent a majority of my time in Brooklyn, which had been my home in what seems like a lifetime ago. Not being on tour and having to readjusted to being in the same place night after night was not easy. Of course it's great to hang with the same friends, make friends with my bodega guy who in my absence has been selling a lot less beer, and working a regular 9-5 was like spinning my wheels. "Is this what I missed?" We passed on tours to focus on writing, which turned out to be one of the best decisions we could have made. It's intimidating to think about what we're going to write after this monster. After being out of New England for a couple days, I can listen to it with fresh ears and say that this is exactly the record we wanted to make and something that we're infinitely proud of. Now is the time to do what we as people, as compulsive neurotics, as maladjusted lunatics what we feel best about. To take these bleak hymns of anger, depression, vehemence, and rage and force them on unwitting and some willing strangers. To break our instruments and bodies for the live interpretation of what may be our magnum opus. We may not be too easy on the eyes, but we're ready to bring blood every night. Things will get broken. Feelings will be hurt.
I've watched my friends change beyond recognition while I was gone. I've felt personal and family relationships wither and deteriorate. I traded in any normal semblance of life to get in the van and I wouldn't have it any other way. When it's all over and I'm just another fresh grave in potters field, a broken guitar, a burned out amp, a young corpse covered in scars, the mortician won't be able to wipe the smile off my fucking face. Now we do what we do best. Wreak havoc, wreck lives, and bleed for everything that world doesn't think we're worth. It's war and no one gets out.