Thursday, September 30, 2010

09.30.10.....scratch your head

Just so you know, the title of this blog is not the title of the record.


All will be revealed at the right time.

9.30.10.....what we do

It's nostalgia time, kiddos.
With the Shit Happens! tour a month away, we're looking forward to our favorite time of year to go on the road. How can you not love fall? Sweatshirt weather, the smell of nature slowly dying, and the gift of not waking up in a pool of sweat while we sleep in the van.

Most of our fall tours have ended up going into the first leg of winter, which will happen again this year (more info coming soon?....hmmm). We'll go from perfect comfort to a bit of the ol' frostbite on the delicates. Regardless of the weather, after a long and justified break in 2010 where we still had time to play some great fests, release a new EP and record a fucking mammoth of an album, we are beyond excited to head out for an extended period of time. It's a great lead up to 2011, where we will be cramming as many shows as possible into 365 days.

So, here's some lists of TT's road ingredients:

Top 11 unanimous album/artists that we all (surprisingly) agree on and are played (almost too) frequently:

Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Bulldozer
Ceremony - Still Nothing Moves You / Rohnert Park
Patton Oswalt - Werewolves and Lollipops
Rotten Sound - Cycles
Disfear - Live the Storm
World Burns to Death - Totalitarian Sodomy
Fucked Up - Hidden World / Chemistry...
Judas Priest - Greatest Hits
Longmont Potion Castle - all (over, and over, and over...)
The Bronx - 2nd s/t album
Young Widows - Old Wounds

Top 7 Overnight driving records when the post show ban on distortion is in place (these are not necessarily unanimous because the driver runs the radio:

Eccentric Soul Compilations from Numero Records
Duffy - Rockferry
M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us (Specifically, played mostly on repeat from 5am until the sun rises)
Stax 50th Anniversary Boxset
The Temptations - Best of
Dead Presidents - OST volumes 1 and 2
Mono - You are There (okay, a little distortion)

Top 6 food/beverage stops:
Panera Bread (almost now considered a morning ritual....and most mornings we wake up in the parking lot)
Whole Foods (if we don't wake up at Panera, this is the next in line)
Subway (especially the 24 hour ones at Love's Travel Stops)
Taco Bell / McDonald's / Burger King / Arby's (for when the van is in need of that magical french fries scent)
Sheetz (no explanation needed)
7/11 (slurpees....)

Top 5 unhealthy snacks consumed in mass amounts:
Snyder's Buffalo Wing Pretzel Nuggets
Fritos (plain or honey-bbq twists)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Twizzlers / circus peanuts / gumdrops / anything fruity and chewy

Top 5 Necessary and Unnecessary Driving break / killing time areas:
Barnes and Noble (free wi-fi)
Guitar Center (necessary)
Movie Theaters (necessary for clearing of the mind)
Every Rest Stop imaginable (we need to piss a lot)
Target / Big Lots
Sports / Athletic stores (Hammer Gel or GU)
Laundromats (most of us try to stay clean and stench free)

Bottom 5 scenarios we've found ourselves in involving our van, Big Ben:

October 2009 - Van broken down 15 miles outside of Denver en route to Iowa City (missed two shows, spent over $1,000 for a new "back end", and then had to immediately drive to Madison, WI as soon as the van was fixed)

July 2009 - Van broken down ten minutes after driving away from Gilman (missed one show, spent over $600 for...something I can't remember. Required using two AAA tows)

July 2009 - Van broken down a week after breaking down outside Gilman. Happened on a dead highway in literally the middle of nowhere, Montana. We had a great young man help us out and tow us 30 miles for free....bless him)

April 2008 - Flew home from Rotten Sound/Victims euro tour. Landed in Boston, got picked up and six hours later we drove 35 hours from New Hampshire to Denver. Played a show, got back in the van and drove 15 hours to Tucson. Played a show, got back in the van and drove 10 hours to Victorville, CA to begin a tour with Extreme Noise Terror. Showed up and the show was cancelled.

July 2009 - Upon completing the Skeletonwitch/Saviours tour in Covington, KY all members (and non members, and banes of existence...) were dropped off, and Scuba and I proceeded to drive almost 60 hours from Kentucky to Seattle. The only stop was to watch the newest Harry Potter movie and eat at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis.

Top 5 in-joke phrases that are each said at least ten times a day:

1- "Now jerk off to that, you lucky so and so!"
2- "I'm gonna swoop down on you like a kodiak bear"
3- "I need a broooooom"
4- "No, that is"
5- "Rwaaandaaaa"

Top 7 quotes made by Chris Maggio that will inevitable become part of our everyday conversation:

1- "I love iiiit! It's so fucking goooood! Kuuuuurt!"
2- "This is my fishbowl...I live here with my friend."
3- "Pizza sticks, pizza sticks, switching tempos and pizza sticks."
4- "I know....I don't know"
5- "Fuck you, get out of my window"
6- "You and the parking lot."
7- "So close....god, Brian, we're so close. I can smell the roses at the end of the road. I don't even know what that means."

Top 10 things that make us happy when showing up to a venue:
1- Monitors
2- Time for a sound check
3- Visible areas for merch
4- Being in a close proximity to civilization
5- Loaders (very, very rare, but when it happens, it's awesome)
6- Buy outs
7- Drink tickets
8- Time for a bike ride
9- Having someone at the venue already there to let us in
10- Not driving for a few hours

Top 5 times involving law enforcement:
1- Canadian Border officials (it's only entertaining because they feel the need to search the van and trailer and we know we're legit)

2- Being pulled over because someone wrote "sucks" in the dirt underneath the Red Sox bumper sticker on the trailer. Cop thought it said "cock". Then proceeded to tell us he smelled weed, to which I replied, "You smell five dirty, sweaty men living in a van....there's a difference."

3- Cop - "You have a headlight out."
Us - "We know. You're the fourth cop in an hour to tell us that."

4- Cop - "Your trailer lights aren't working."
Us - "We know. You're the fourth cop in an hour to tell us that."

5- Cop "Why do you have a trailer license plate over another one?"
Us - "We don't have a screwdriver to take the old one off."
Cop - "That's pretty stupid."
Us - "Yeah, we know. But our headlights and trailer lights are working, right?"

Top 6 tour highlights (among many....the lists goes beyond this):

1- 4 shows in 24 hours with Disfear (2 Canadian, 2 U.S.)
2- Long hangout sessions with Barney/Napalm Death
3- Toxic Tea
4- The entire tour with These Arms are Snakes and Narrows
5- Witnessing ENT play Gilman for the first time in their history as a band
6- Seeing those of you with your fists shaking in the air and your heads banging. Thank you.

Top 10 items on our wish list if you feel like being generous and bearing gifts (hey, it can't hurt...)
1- Jack Daniels
2- Diet Mountain Dew
3- Twizzlers
4- Demos
5- Hammer Gel, Gu, or Clif energy shotz....and Clif Builder Bars
6- Granola
7- Bananas
8- Reading material
9- guitar/bass picks
10- cymbal endorsements

So, there it is.....a bunch of lists.

9.30.10.....words of wisdumb

I did an interview for Hearwax last year with Nick that was pretty extensive. Here's the new one.
I'd like to thank him for not asking questions that suck.

Make sure to look around the whole site....they're doing a great job over there.


Monday, September 27, 2010


A quick review of this here blog of communication:

A quick write up of this here band: mix has been done. Sequencing is done.
Mastering will take place in a few weeks and then we get busy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

09.23.10.....point. game. match.

To a degree, I feel I have to apologize to those of you reading these recording updates. Not because of their sporadic nature, but more because you are left to being given details by the only person involved that has absolutely NO musical ability. I'm the shouter and the writer.....aaaand that's it.
However, on the other hand.....I guess this makes me a good witness to what went down over the last few weeks.
We all let out a very heavy sigh of relief yesterday. The 99% final mix was done and we were all able to sit back and listen to what was right, instead of trying to find out anything wrong.
Now we have the elation of being able to play this bastard for a few friends, but the displeasure of waiting another five or so months for the rest of you to hear it as a whole.
Mastering will take place within the next few weeks. Once this is out of the way, we'll let a bit more of the guts spill out: Album title, cover art, etc. A song will be put up some time in the next two months....patience, young grasshopper.

Shit happens in five weeks.....set the date for whatever invasion(s) you're able to participate in.

More tour announcements......soon?

More Godcity clips very soon.

Even though I just spent twenty hours in airports and chipped a (fake) tooth on a gingersnap cookie, I am, as I"m willing to be the other guys are, feeling a genuine sense of a small, yet important, victory.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

09.19.10.....cliff notes from the lab

Somehow, in the span of one week from the last written update on here, the album is 99% tracked. A few hours of tweaks on Monday afternoon, and this record is complete....sans a week of mixing.
This week has been a sort of blur for all of us. Watching and hearing the songs slowly come to life, as each layer was put down, was a pretty amazing feeling. I think this is the first record we've done where we all feel "complete".
"Studio magic" are the words that describe this session the best. We headed to Salem with a full plate and found a way to turn it into our own four course dinner.
As you can see in the video below, Chris was blowing our minds with what he did on tape. I'd be sitting in the basement with Scuba while drums were being tracked, and every once in a while, mid-conversation, I'd stop, look up and say, "Do you fucking hear this?!!"
The same can be said for the guitar tone. Every time a new layer was added, we'd literally sit there, shaking our heads, mumbling, " fucking heavy....". I think I've been mumbling that for about three days now.
Vocals were done in a few hours last night. Today was the doubling of certain lines, back ups and a few other surprises.
Simply put.....we're happy. Very happy. Everything fell into place the way we needed it to.
We've made a fully realized, cohesive piece of work. It all fits, it all makes sense, and, most importantly for us, it sounds like Trap Them.

More to come...

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Drum tracking is almost complete. It's been a steady process, as some songs have been deconstructed and then pieced back together while we've been here. Things are coming together quite nicely.
While Brian has been scratch-tracking with chris, the rest of us have found a few ways to pass the time.
I've been in the basement drilling the songs I've already heard into my head, making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and reading books...and drinking lots of coffee.
Scuba has been in the control room concentrating on the new song structures.
Dan has been taking stills and videos most of the day in-between coming down to the basement to make sure I'm still alive.

And, yes....there are blastbeats.

More to come when I don't have to type this on a phone.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Guitar Sound

Shit Happens: The Tour

'The band has been confirmed as part of “Shit Happens: The Tour,” supporting EVERY TIME I DIE, along with Rhode Island’s HOWL. The tour starts in New Haven, CT on November 1st, and runs through December 2nd in Cleveland, OH.

Vocalist Ryan McKenney commented; “After spending the rest of September recording a soundtrack to making enemies, and all of the month of October waiting for that one special night where you can put on a mask and set cop cars on fire, we can’t think of anything we’d want to do more in November than go on a great tour and play some new songs.

“Heading out for a month long odyssey with EVERY TIME I DIE and HOWL will do exactly that. Both bands are fantastic to watch in a live setting, and we look forward to having the opportunity to see them each and every night.
“Any questions? No? Good. Go fuck something.”

The dates are as follows:
11/01 New Haven, CT- Toads Place
11/02 Providence, RI- The Met
11/03 New York, NY- Webster Studio
11/04 West Chester, PA- The Note
11/05 Richmond, VA- Canal Club
11/06 Columbia, SC- New Brookland Tavern
11/07 Atlanta, GA- Club Hell
11/08 Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Culture Room
11/09 Jacksonville, FL- Jack Rabbits
11/11 Dallas, TX- The Loft
11/12 Lubbock, TX- Jakes
11/13 Las Cruces, NM- Mikey’s Place
11/14 Albuquerque, NM- Launch Pad
11/15 Mesa, AZ- Nile
11/16 Las Vegas, NV- Area 702 Skatepark
11/17 Anaheim, CA- Chain Reaction
11/18 Lancaster, CA- Cedar Center
11/19 Oakland, CA- Metro Opera House
11/20 Sacramento, CA- Boardwalk
11/23 Denver, CO- Marquis Theatre
11/24 Omaha, NE- Sokol Underground
11/25 Minneapolis, MN- Triple Rock Social Club
11/26 Chicago, IL- Subterranean
11/27 Des Moines, IA- Vaudville Mews
11/28 St. Louis, MO- FUBAR
11/29 Louisville, KY- Uncle Pleasants
11/30 Pittsburgh, PA- Mr. Smalls
12/01 S. Hackensack, NJ- School of Rock
12/02 Cleveland, OH- Peabody’s

tickets are on sale now!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

09.08.10....the illustrious popping of the cherry

The first day blew by. Partially because I spent most of the day flying to Boston from Seattle, landing at Logan, taking the blue line to Wonderland, taking the 441 to Lynn and, finally, the 455 to Salem. I then walked to the store, bought bananas, peanut butter, a 99 cent bag of Baked Lays, and a Vitamin Water Zero (go-go / mixed berry).
Between travel and food purchases, what started at 4am in Sea-Tac airport, took until 7:45pm, when I was at the front door of Godcity.
I was greeted by the beautiful noise of Chris Maggio banging the fuck out of the drums, as he and Kurt worked on getting the sound nailed down.
I think we're all just happy to be around each other right now, after spending most of 2010 in separate areas. Having minimal face time with people you consider a van family....well, it leaves a void. Fly-ins to do a fest just feels like a teaser.
The first hour together was spent catching up, etc.
Brian, Chris and our TT merch/road dog/everything guy, Dan, showed up at 1pm, ready to get the ball rolling. Around 6, Scuba made his way from Brooklyn to Salem, armed with half of his life's possessions, since when recording is done he will be moving to Austin (for those keeping track, we are now spread out between Seattle, Austin and Louisville. Note to everyone: stop asking how we practice, how we get together to prepare for tour, etc...we just do it. We make it work. It's a lot easier to make difficult situations possible when all the bodies involved have the same like-minded goals.).
By the end of the night, drum sounds were almost at the point they needed to be at, which means tomorrow will, more than likely, begin the actual tracking of drums. This session gives us a lot of time and breathing room to work on everyone's part as they would like. It's the first recording session where stress will, hopefully, be kept to a minimum. Drums will probably take up the next four days or so, which gives Mr. Maggio ample time to do what he does, which is be a jaw-droppingly amazing drummer.
As most can assume, and I am more than willing to admit, a vocalist's duties in the studio are null....we fart around, working on songs and wandering aimlessly. Consequently, I was no help whatsoever tonight. I know my role, so I made my way down to the basement to eat peanut butter sandwiches and watch Star Wars on VHS. I fell asleep ten minutes in and woke up at about 11:45 when I was informed we were done for the day. We drove back to NH, where we are staying, stopping once at a CVS, in hopes that late night snacks were to be found...I left with a Diet Mountain Dew and a sadness over the lack of pretzel selection.
All in all, even including the ever-depressing cross country flights, this was a great first day.
I'm sitting here with all the guys passed out, and seeing as I'm on west coast time, even though it's 3:15am, my body clock is telling me it's only 12:15....which means if I was back in emerald city, I would have just clocked out of the bar where I work and would be on my walk home....which means I'm going to be awake until roughly a half an hour before these dudes all open their eyes and are ready to start the day.
Plain and simple, I (and more importantly,WE) feel pretty damn good. I'm going to sit here with headphones on and work on the songs, with brilliant American grindhouse films on the television and non-stop cups of coffee.

Within the next 12-15 hours, there will be many new things to talk about on here: details of the 2nd day, some new gadgets added that will connect everything TT related to here....and, most exciting, our fall tour plans will finally be announced!
I can't announce it, since we already piss off enough people without even trying , but I CAN say this: shit happens....and, boy, do we love it when it does.

Also: please feel free to spread word about this site....this is not going to be some mechanical blog, void of emotion and stripped to flatlined updates. We wholeheartedly appreciate those who take interest in this band, and the hope is that this blog/site will give you a feeling of being as much of a part of this band as we do.
Thanks for giving a shit.


By the way, I wrote this whole goddamn thing on an iPhone. My eyes are now bleeding.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

09.02.10....Commence Rage

In less than a week, Trap Them will head back to Godcity in Salem, Massachussettes with Kurt Ballou, once again, behind the boards. At this point, we consider it a yearly ritual.

In the next few weeks, there will be a fat bastard's handful of Trap Them news regarding our Prosthetic Records debut LP and upcoming tours.
And other stuff.....mostly illegal.

This site is an attempt to thoroughly document not only the recording process of the band, but the entire album cycle.
Updates will be posted as much as possible, starting September 8th, when we step foot back in that little brick building.

Until then.......get your torches lit.