Friday, December 31, 2010

12.31.10.......Show History, Volume Two

Happy New Year's Eve. Our resolution is to fuck your shit up and not worry about the consequences.

This is volume two and covers our first tour in spring of 2007. There's probably a lot I left out. Sorry. I?

The weeks leading up to our first tour were spent prepping in every facet possible. We had Shane from Cannae filling the bass duties, so Brian had to spend a lot of time with him, making sure everything was spot on.
I had put the money together to release a tour version of the "Sleepwell Deconstructor" LP. The night before flying back east to start the tour was spent cutting and folding the 300 screenprinted covers that had been made. Shit looked real pretty. For you vinyl completists, they show up on ebay every once in a while, so keep your eyes open. They were printed on black (French stock?) paper and screenprinted with metallic gold ink. There were fifteen test presses that were screenprinted black on black.
After landing, Brian and I drove to Salem, MA and went to Deathwish Inc. headquarters, where we signed on with them to release some cool shit. We were stoked and they were was, as I believe it is called, a win/win situation.
We had a practice all together that night, headed back to Brian's and folded shirts.

April 13th, 2007: Maniac Mansion, Worcester, MA - Got up, got in the van and went to pick up various members, the trailer, etc. Luckily, the first show was in Worcester, which was only an hour from Salem, NH. Somehow, it took all day to get everything taken care of, which is not surprising to those who tour. Getting gas turns into a thirty minute stop. Subway turns into forty five minutes, etc.
The show was in the basement of a punk house and was filled with kids ready to run around. As far as first shows for a first tour, this was perfect. Low ceiling, room barely lit, and a ton of punks going apeshit. Broken bottles, random items being thrown around the room and two full stacks making the walls shake. Great time.
Lineup: Trap Them, Furnace, Nadir

April 14th, 2007: (early show) Valentine's, Albany, NY - It was my bright idea to do two shows in NY on the second day of tour. What can I say? Punk rock ambition sometimes outweighs common sense. Show was an odd one, seeing as it started at like 3pm. I cannot remember the lineup at all, but I'm pretty sure Cockpunch! played. As soon as we were done, we packed everything up as fast as we could and headed to NYC.

April 14th, 2007: (late show) 538 Johnson, Planet Brooklyn, NY - This show would have 100% been awesome if we had been able to show up on time, which we very much did not, due to traffic. By the time we got there, the last two bands were playing, which were The Cancer Kids (!!!) and Ampere. At first, the residents of the venue/space/warehouse weren't going to let us play since we got there so late. After some considerably convincing talks on my end, they were going to let us make our noise for 15 minutes. Seeing as our set was like eighteen to begin with, this was not a problem. We blazed through the set to those that chose to stick around and watch a band not on Clean Plate, you know, like twenty people stayed. Regardless of what faces were watching, we were so frustrated from having to fight to play, I remember we had a brutal set and played pretty pissed. Day two....success!

April 15th, 2007: Westcott Center, Syracuse, NY - We had stayed at Scuba's apartment in Brooklyn the night before. Got up, got bagels and headed out. We also realized that night that Shane had to sleep in the van from now on because he snored louder than an air raid siren. Two hours into the drive, we popped a trailer tire in the pouring rain. Ever so reliable, AAA arrived two hours later, right on time(?).We ended up getting to the show late as fuck, as in about 30 minutes after the last band played. But, in a stroke of luck, almost everyone stuck around long enough to watch us tear through a set. Promoter and solid dude all around, Ryan Hex, had made sure kids knew we were on our way.Ryan has probably done six or seven shows for us in Syracuse and they've all been great.
Lineup: Engineer, Tides, Trap Them
So, we got out of the van, played, and then got right back in to drive back to NYC. Half an hour into the drive, we hit a whiteout snowstorm and had to get a hotel. We all tried to sleep through the snoring, while Mitch McArtor (who had tagged along for a few of the shows) watched "Doom" and "Real Sex".

April 16th, 2007: Lit Lounge, New York, NY - Lit Lounge is a dank cellar in Manhattan that looks like terrible things happen in it. I love it. Great show and was my opportunity to finally see The Horror, who were on tour from the UK. Will from Chainsaw Safety came out, who I hadn't seen for a few years. The Horror was awesome. I ate Atlas Foods. We stayed at Scuba's again, much to his roomate's dismay.

April 17th, 2007: The Tower, Lakewood, OH - We got up early and got to the show early. The Tower was this house/space that was in the middle of Sketchville. Slowly, kids filtered in. Masakari played and were fucking fantastic. I remember being blown away, thinking they reminded me of Wolfpack/Wolfbrigade "Allday Hell" era meets Artimus Pyle.Love, loved, loved it. We spent the night at the space. The dude who lived there was trying to explain something before finally saying something along the lines of, "I don't know what I'm saying. I took so many pills tonight I can't tell if I'm talking or not." He then staggered upstairs to his room.
Lineup: Trap Them, Lord Mantis, Masakari, Iron Teeth

April 18th, 2007: The People's Project, Chicago, IL - This was the show I had been looking forward to the most on the tour. We lucked out and were able to play with Sweet Cobra. I had off an on conversed with guitar player Mat Arluck. He was really stoked we were passing through and was able to help get the show together. It was a basement show in a pretty cool art space on Milwaukee Ave (I think). It was a long and thin room, so even though there were only about sixty people, it looked pretty full while we were playing. Sweet Cobra was heavy as Hell and sounded amazing. We ate Mexican after the show and stayed with Remus' (sp?) from Sweet Cobra's house.
Lineup: Sweet Cobra, Lone Wolf and Cub, Trap Them, Rager
Sidenote: Mat Arluck passed away from cancer at Christmas 2009. He was one of the first supporters of this band and was someone we looked forward to seeing every time we passed through Chicago. Individually and collectively as a band, we really miss him. He was an amazing person and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Our "Filth Rations" EP was dedicated to him in his memory. Watching the smile on his face as he saw Bolt Thrower at MDF 2009 was a perfect way to remember him.

April 19th, 2007: Blackbear Lair, Louisville, KY - Roughly fifteen people showed up, which we were told was pretty good for that era in Louisville punk/hc. Among those fifteen were old friends, which made the room feel like 100 people. The Patterson brothers were there as well as Steve Sindoni, who had sung for Breather Resist. I hadn't seen him since shows Brian and I had played with previous bands. The show went as well as a show in a 10 foot by 10 foot room could go. We had fun, went to Steve's bar after the show where everyone got drunk but me so I could drive us to Indianapolis.
Lineup: Trap Them, Plows, local acoustic singer/songwriter whose name escapes me

April 20th, 2007: Secret Location, Indianapolis, IN - Derek Black, who basically books any show that matters in Indianapolis (including Dudefest), hooked us up with a house show. Had a great time and was nice to play a place where kids seemed to have already heard of us and were stoked for the show.
Lineup: Nixon, Trap Them, Worldeater, a few more.....I forget things.

April 21st, 2007: Siren Records, Doylestown, PA - Siren Records was/is(?) Bob from A Life Once Lost's place. You played in the corner of the room looking at a large store of music. The kids that came out were on the younger side, but seemed to have fun. The dudes from The Minor Times came to say hi and watch the set, which was pretty nice of them.
Lineup: Trap Them, Passion, War Pigs

We drove home after that. There was supposed to be a show in Allston, MA on the 22nd, but the house got shut down. We dropped everyone off at their respective homes and called it a day. I flew back to Seattle the next morning and Brian got back to working on the songs for the "Seance Prime" EP.


  1. That Valentines show was great. I was doing sound that night. First time hearing ya'll. Picked up the Sleepwell... LP. IIRC, Engineer also played that show. Def. Cockpunch. Come back soon!

  2. I have to say, Trap Them and this blog are one of my favorites.
    I hope I get the chance to see this band sometime whether it be in my home country of Iceland or somewhere else. Thanks for great music.