Wednesday, December 29, 2010 me yours, we'll show you ours

It goes without saying that there are an uncountable amount of family and friends that were/are extremely supportive, so that list is incapable of writing down. This is Trap Them's list of collective insomniawesomists:

Top Ten of 2010 (in no particular order except for the tie at #1)

10 - 03.13.10 Scion Fest, Columbus, OH - Goddamn, this was insane. Not much more can be said and there's little to no proof that our set existed, seeing as I saw about fifteen cameras flying through the air after getting kicked out of hands.

9 - Southern Lord Recordings - Greg went above and beyond to ensure the "Filth Rations" EP was presented exactly how we wanted it. It looks amazing, sounds amazing and we were incredibly happy with it.

8 - The fine people at Deathwish Inc. that continue to support our brand of distortion.

7 - Prosthetic Records and their patience as we slowly created a record that they'd be proud to release. They did their job and we sure as hell did ours.

6 - After four years of musical chairs, we became a full band.

5 - Every Time I Die. Without getting too gushy, this band gave us more than they could understand. After numerous roadblocks that prevented previous tours with them from happening(sorry, Australia and Europe...not our fault!), the opportunity to support these guys around the US for a month was nothing short of exactly what we wanted out of this fall. Seeing a band like this in a live setting, in clubs much smaller than they usually play, was insane. We all watched them every night. They are, hands down, one of the best live acts I've ever seen and it was awesome to witness it for thirty some-odd nights. This tour gave us the best shows we've ever had since we started touring.

4 - 08.08.10 Power of the Riff Fest, Los Angeles, CA - The line-up for this fest was ridiculous. Sam and Greg made this thing a mammoth. Plus, we got to see From Ashes Rise again.

3 - In September 2010, we made a record that will blow some fucking minds.

1 - Dan Richardson. The phrase "merch dude" or "tour manager" or "road guy" doesn't cut it. Dan was a "dad" in that van for us, and took care of anything and everything we forgot....whether intentional or unintentional. Dude drove through snowstorms like it was a dusting, streamlined merch like it was a lemonade stand and, above all, did his best to keep us (including this bipolar motherfucker writing this...) sane. Never cracked. THE most solid dude. We wish him luck in his pursuit of finding a "smokin' hot wife" and reaching his goals he's set for himself.

1 - Kurt Ballou. This guy and TT go hand in hand like peanut butter and chocolate. Oh, you don't like peanut butter and chocolate? Well then, fuck you. Moving on.

Since this band started recording in 2006, we have gone to Godcity once a year. Each time felt better than the previous session, and this year was no different. We've come to understanding each other's approach to recording and, this being the fifth time we went to Salem, MA, it was fully realized on this session. We came prepared....more prepared than we've ever been and, in turn, so was Kurt. Both parties knew that this was a very important record. He got his hands dirty on this one and was willing to dig through the rocks until he found gold. What he was able to do was to help us create our own piece of art that we are infinitely proud of. Not only is he a great producer, he is a great friend of TT and his dedication to his trade is something that garners the utmost respect. Thanks (again) Kurt, hopefully we see you on all those year end lists in 2011.

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  1. Gratitude is a great thing! I definitely look forward to what you and your team will bring in '11. Be well.