Sunday, December 19, 2010

12.19.10.....get rowdy or get fucked

So, we have some shows coming up in January. Here's the one we can definitely tell you about without getting in trouble:

January 15th at The Cake Shop, New York Fucking City:
Trap Them
Black Anvil
All Pigs Must Die
Psychic Limb
5pm....12 fucking dollars....all fucking ages

There may be a show the day before or the day after. And it may be in NYC as well. And it may have another great line up. And maybe at some point we can stop fucking hinting at everything we do and finally fucking talk about it.

Also, we have two shows the week before this. They're probably anouncing them in the next few days, so fuck's already on the internet anyways.

Trap Them
Black Breath
Mammoth Grinder

Dates with city and venue will be announced soon. If they're not posted by Christmas, I'm going to do it and then blame Sanders McCarthy.

And, hey, while we're at it, Europe we're coming inside you in April.
And, hey, I don't think there's an official announcement, so in the meantime you can go check the news section on Lambgoat and find out all the info we aren't allowed to post. The tour is fucking awesome and I expect all of you to come out and blow things up.
The new record we aren't allowed to say the title or give info about will be released by this time. We promise to have digital and analog formats.

While you're brainstorming of who the Euro tour is with, you should listen to Rotten Sound, Gaza, The Kandidate and Haust. Just saying.

We are also bringing a buddy along for some of these shows and that buddy may or may not be playing second guitar. We're pretty stoked.

Just so we're clear, there's a lot of sarcasm in this post. It's all in good fun, kind of like when we play a show and act like we're bummed or pissed so all the sensitive crybabies can go home and bitch on the internet that we're being mean. At least we don't spend a half hour on stage mocking the very music we make like Good Clean Fun used to do, or like how all these modern nu-metal "grind" bands get up there in neon short shorts and flip flops and squeal and growl while kids in the crowd do a bunch of stupid dances.

In the next three weeks, you will know the title of the new record and some other info regarding it. You will also hear a new song and it's fucking awesome. Of course, we're biased.

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