Thursday, October 14, 2010's.....something?

Mastering is close to complete.

The layout has been decided and is close to coming to fruition.

For those of you who will be coming out to the Shit Happens tour, we will have some new things for you to spend your hard earned money on, if you so desire.

Some of those new things are articles of with lots of new designs, ready made for your warm and/or cold weather enjoyment.
Some, however, are of the digital and analog medium......the type of medium you can play in your car, and also the type you can play in your home, using a needle.

Another tour will be announced in mid November. We aren't allowed to say anything right now, so we apologize for the vagueness.

2011 will begin with a "bang", or a "pow", or a "fuck you, let's do this shit"....any of these options will suffice. Again, we aren't allowed to say anything.
Don't you hate when a band has to say that? Me too, but it's the truth.

Some things we can definitely say:
1- We will be playing new songs on the upcoming tour.
2- They are awesome
3- You may or may not hear a recorded version of one of these songs sooner than later.
4- After taking a long time off from touring, we all have such a ridiculous amount of pent up aggression waiting to be released on stage, don't be surprised if things get a little out of hand. Don't take it personal.

After the brief hiatus in updates on this blog, things are back to normal. Expect little bits of everything much more frequently.


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  1. I seriously cannot wait. The anticipation is killin' me over here...