Thursday, September 23, 2010

09.23.10.....point. game. match.

To a degree, I feel I have to apologize to those of you reading these recording updates. Not because of their sporadic nature, but more because you are left to being given details by the only person involved that has absolutely NO musical ability. I'm the shouter and the writer.....aaaand that's it.
However, on the other hand.....I guess this makes me a good witness to what went down over the last few weeks.
We all let out a very heavy sigh of relief yesterday. The 99% final mix was done and we were all able to sit back and listen to what was right, instead of trying to find out anything wrong.
Now we have the elation of being able to play this bastard for a few friends, but the displeasure of waiting another five or so months for the rest of you to hear it as a whole.
Mastering will take place within the next few weeks. Once this is out of the way, we'll let a bit more of the guts spill out: Album title, cover art, etc. A song will be put up some time in the next two months....patience, young grasshopper.

Shit happens in five weeks.....set the date for whatever invasion(s) you're able to participate in.

More tour announcements......soon?

More Godcity clips very soon.

Even though I just spent twenty hours in airports and chipped a (fake) tooth on a gingersnap cookie, I am, as I"m willing to be the other guys are, feeling a genuine sense of a small, yet important, victory.


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