Sunday, September 19, 2010

09.19.10.....cliff notes from the lab

Somehow, in the span of one week from the last written update on here, the album is 99% tracked. A few hours of tweaks on Monday afternoon, and this record is complete....sans a week of mixing.
This week has been a sort of blur for all of us. Watching and hearing the songs slowly come to life, as each layer was put down, was a pretty amazing feeling. I think this is the first record we've done where we all feel "complete".
"Studio magic" are the words that describe this session the best. We headed to Salem with a full plate and found a way to turn it into our own four course dinner.
As you can see in the video below, Chris was blowing our minds with what he did on tape. I'd be sitting in the basement with Scuba while drums were being tracked, and every once in a while, mid-conversation, I'd stop, look up and say, "Do you fucking hear this?!!"
The same can be said for the guitar tone. Every time a new layer was added, we'd literally sit there, shaking our heads, mumbling, " fucking heavy....". I think I've been mumbling that for about three days now.
Vocals were done in a few hours last night. Today was the doubling of certain lines, back ups and a few other surprises.
Simply put.....we're happy. Very happy. Everything fell into place the way we needed it to.
We've made a fully realized, cohesive piece of work. It all fits, it all makes sense, and, most importantly for us, it sounds like Trap Them.

More to come...


  1. we'd literally sit there, shaking our heads, mumbling, " fucking heavy...."

    That's what I like to hear, awesome!

  2. Can't wait! You all seem like very down to earth and dedicated musicians. I trust you wouldn't leave the studio without feeling at confident in the new record. But to hear that you all feel the album is "complete" makes me very excited. Best of luck in the mixing process. Can't wait for more news.